The week I started Om Plus Om, one of my favorite self-employed bloggers and biz savvy role models, Sarah Von Bargen wrote about figuring out the we’re-told-is-super-important why of her business. Ya know, something for the posters.

Why did she choose to work for herself fulltime? Was it a grand calling to help people create their very own productive, fulfilling corners of the internet? Kinda. 

Truthfully, though, it was really for herself. What she wanted was freedom, so she made it happen. Huzzah! 

Also that week, Elizabeth Gilbert (swoon) announced her new book, Big Magic, which taps into the very core of what Om Plus Om is all about: self expression as essential to health and happiness. Huzzah again!

So I took – heck, why not – what I saw as the signs in Sarah’s self-affirmation and Elizabeth’s validation and I gave myself an ol’ pat on the back and thought: go get it, girl. Their writing helped make the decision to commit to Om Plus Om easier. I wish I could say it made it easy.

I already knew: 
> I wanted to work for myself so that I could babysit my nephew + take walks on the beach any time of day.
> My wellbeing depended on self-expression + building a creative practice.
> I wanted to reach + help people.
> I got a high from taking someone’s precious online business and putting words together like a puzzle to help that business grow

I knew that both Om Plus Om had a higher purpose to help others and a ‘selfish’ one: ME (and my little munchkin nephew). But the truth is living authentically and choosing me is hard work. There’s doubt, self-criticism, uncertainty. But whenever you feel pressure to make choices based on something outside yourself, the antidote is allowing yourself to ask What do I want? What feels right?

Want to raise a family? Do it. Want to stay kid-free so you can keep your clean (or totally messy) house all for yourself? Good choice, good reason. Work from home because you’re addicted to your soap operas. Start a design business because it comes naturally to you. Choosing something solely because it's right for us is both rewarding and hard.

Give yourself permission to choose yourself because it's hard. Choosing authenticity is the kind of challenge we know will pay off. Tweet: Give yourself permission to choose yourself BECAUSE it's hard, a challenge you know will pay off. via @omplusom tweet this text!

IT COMES DOWN TO THIS, BABES: Making decisions is hard, big or small, let's be real. But when we listen to our intuition and act on it, we build self trust. Then it gets easier to let go of worry. We figure out that things won’t go as planned but we keep it together anyway because we know we’re headed in the right direction. We know how to ask ourselves What do I want? And we know it’s ok to say I want ME

This is big work. Take a deep breath, babe, and honor that. Sarah gives permission to choose you, this week's #MomentofOm - brought to by Olivia Effing Pope - gives you the courage. Dare to choose yourself, again and again.

I want my passions and abilities to thrive. I want resiliency and confidence. I want ME. To get that, I rise to the challenge of fulfilling these small dreams, insecurity and vulnerability in tow. 

Intuiting a desire doesn’t make acting on it easy. But taking that leap makes you a warrior of wholehearted living. Tweet: Intuiting a desire doesn’t make acting on it easy. But taking that leap makes you a warrior. via @omplusom  tweet this text!

TELL ME, BABES: How have you been challenged to listen to your gut? What lessons have you learned? From whom? Leave a comment! 

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