This is where I make you look good on the internet.

When you hire me for specific copy or design projects, all along the way you'll be guided and given tips that increase your sales, customer base, and all around online kickassery FOR FREE. That's free consultation plus my very own brand of mindful, creative strategy + encouragement that Om Plus Om is all about. 

You love what you do. And for a while, blogging about and for your business was fun and fulfilling. People read and responded. People shared and liked. You got some more clients and made some more sales. And now…

Now you’re busy with that business. Or maybe you’re stalled out on ideas. Or maybe you just never really considered yourself a writer at all. Yeah? Let's kick that blog into gear, up sales, increase followers + comments.

> 3 Posts (complete with hi-quality images) tailored to you + your readers + goals
> 3 Social media updates per post
> Twitter + Facebook sized images for each post 
> Complete and utter control over what to do with the content (use it as a guest post on another site, compile them into an ebook or as part of marketing campaigns, they're yours!).

Limited availability so contact me now and let me get this done so you can get back to doing what you love, already.

Maybe you’re website is gorgeous, and your blog active but somehow you lose rational thought when it comes to how to use social media. Maybe your About page is basically a mini auto biography because you don’t know how best to utilize it (amiright?). Maybe your Sales pages are making you cross-eyed and you're just so sick of the financial insecurity that brings you. And Twitter banners? What is up with those? I can settle all that for you.

> Facebook Page customization - most popular item ;) - custom tabs + icons that link followers to your shop/site/latest offering 

> Manage social media (Twitter + Facebook) updates for blog posts you've posted  
> Write effective About + Sales pages
> Write smart, snappy, highly-shareable blog posts with the option of social-media ready updates + images
> Non-smarmy promotional blog posts with the option of social-media ready updates + images
> Design blog post images, Twitter + Facebook banners, highly-pinnable Pinterst images or custom design items that suite your specific needs 
* Pricing varies.